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In Love And War Chapter Four

Title:  In Love And War
Author: waking_epiphany (Jamie)
Rating: PG-13...for now ;-)
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me; they belong to Jim Henson and Brian Froud.
Pairings: Jareth/Sarah. Duh.
Timeline: Five years since the end of the movie.
Summary: Five years after Sarah Williams destroyed the Underground and its king she finds herself once again fighting for the people she loves. A decrepit, crumbling carnival is the setting of Sarah and Jareth's final showdown for not only her friends' freedom, but Sarah's own. Is thirteen hours enough time for Sarah to solve the riddle of Goblin King's labyrinthine heart?
Author’s Note: Sarah faces her first carnival challenge to save a friend, meets the High King, and Hoggle makes a surprising decision. The soundtrack was too long to include in this post, so see the next post for the music. Comments are like crack, please indulge me. 

In Love And War Chapter Four:

In Love And War Chapter Four Soundtrack:
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